Black Jack – a musical team of three shamans

The first track of this music group has already managed to enter the top 50 Shazam in Russia. In addition to musical creativity, the creators also promise fans a series of comics, the first of which will appear on the Instagram account (an extremist organization banned in Russia) on January 29.

Choosing music, we often focus on the worldview of its performer. We want to listen to those who seem closer, attracts as a personality. If you are tired of rap, the same pop motifs, looking for love, positive, peace and unity in music, you will like the new Black Jack group.

Black Jack is an experiment, mixing styles. This is simultaneously HIP-Hop, and House, and Pop, and Blazilian Funk, and R’n’b, united by dance rhythms.

The soloists of the group are representatives of the three countries, which brings a special flavor to their music. These are three mysterious shaman, the identities of which are not yet disclosed. The main mission of the group is a call to unite nations.

The premiere of the first composition “T -shirt” took place on the TNT TV channel in the show “Dancing” and has already scored more than 15 thousand Shazam in the first 48 hours. The track entered the top 50 Shazam in Russia, taking 17th place in the first two weeks of December 2018.

Already in early

Ταυτόχρονα, οι γυναίκες που ήταν ελκυστικές για τους συζύγους τους αισθάνθηκαν απολύτως χαρούμενοι. Δεν βασανίζονται μόνο από τον αθλητισμό και τη διατροφή και δεν ανησυχούσαν ότι ο χαμηλός cialis γενόσημο τιμη τους θα έδινε στο Dera (στον οποίο είναι με τρία αυτιά, εκτός από μένα, χρειάζεται;). Δηλαδή, είχαμε τη διασκέδαση με τις σταθερές σχέσεις τους και την υψηλή αυτοεκτίμησή τους.

February, ITUNES will be available to the pre-order of the first ER album of the group. But the work of Black Jack is not only music. On January 29, the team releases the first series of comics in Digital format in the official Instagram account (extremist organization banned in Russia).

The plot of comics will be integrated into music videos on the group’s singles. The characters of the comic book in the genre of detective science fiction will become real media personalities. So, the hero of the first episode is artist Kirill Moyaton.

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